A new list of the best and most powerful smartphones for 2015

During this year we have seen many new smartphones that have emerged in the market, with different specifications and new innovations that will enhance the smart phone sector in the next few years, of course, as usual Samsung was one of the companies that has launched many phones this year, Sony's remaining faithful to its strategic plan to ask phone new every six months. 2015 was also a successful year for the next phones from China, which has become a respectable position in the market. So let's identify the best 15 smartphone this year.

Note Galaxy 5 is the fifth member of the family of Walnut launched by Samsung in 2011, which is the main characteristic feature of this phone is a good support for the stylus, which lets you draw on the screen and write notes ... etc. Inside the phone you'll find 4 GB of RAM, Aksinos 7420 processor and 32 GB of internal storage. As part of the phone from a combination of glass and metal is made up, which is an unprecedented family of Walnut. From the few negatives in this phone thing is the lack of support for Micro SD card to expand storage space. Cameras is that it also comes with a camera 16 MP and 5 MP.

iPhone 6s

Iphone S. 6 is the first device comes with support for 3 D Touch, a technique that allows the machine to identify the different types of pressure on the screen. Feature works like the right mouse button. When you press more strongly to the application code, such as Facebook, it shows that you mean interaction options such as the deployment of an image or update the status. Camera phone comes precisely 12 megapixel and supports the possibility of shooting video accurately 4K, in what is still apprehensive user of low battery life.

Galaxy S6 Edge
This device was the first smart phone from Samsung comes with Mnhah aspects of foreign .aljamalih screen of this phone Samsung fabulously excelled with the left as well as plastics and the use of Gorilla Glass, which covers both the screen and the back of the phone segment.

 Moto X ForceWith non-almost-broken screen, Moto Force X is the most powerful smartphone produced by Motorola. The device has a processor from Qualcomm 810. Otherwise, it has 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, with support for memory expansion with Micro SD card "up to 2 terabytes," according to the manufacturer. Brand warranty is provided for four years to the problems of the screen!LG G4LG G4 smartphone is ideal for those looking for a "free". It has a slot for Micro SD card for memory expansion, which lacks its rival Galaxy S 6 Edge, and its battery removable. Screen also by being innovative. LG first manufacturer of smart phones used with Quantum Display screen technology, rather than adopting Amoled or LED backlight. In practice, this choice makes the image of a very good brightness fictional quality.Xperia Z5This is the phone of the art of mobile phones made by Sony Corp., which is the best phone carrier for the brand, according to a report INFOlab issued in 2015. This phone comes accurately 4K screen, with the fingerprint sensor to open the screen, as well as the most powerful processor on the market (Qualcomm (810 Eight Nucleus).Nexus 6pNo one disagrees on the fact that Niczos phones among the best smartphone operating system Android, we know very well that Google is every time collaboration with one of the leading mobile manufacturing phone companies, this year's choice was the Chinese Huawei company that provided a beautiful masterpiece family Niczos. The new phone comes very beautiful and sophisticated fully made of aluminum metal .chach design measuring 5.7 inch protected from a layer of Gorilla Glass 4. In terms of processor is a processor 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM as Memory.Moto X StyleThe second device of Motorola in this list, Vemoasfath very good features are allowing him to be in this Regulation .aota powerful processor Qualcomm processor 808 hexa-core processor and has a GB of RAM. 32 GB of internal storage with the possibility of Tusaiha thanks to the card slot Micro SD. Front camera accurately 5 MP with flash L Yd so you can imaging in low light environments. The main camera 21 are accurately MP and dual LED flash, which balances the colors of the image when necessary.HTC One M9HTC Corporation of Taiwan has also share in this list with her One M9. Which comes a strong and competitive specifications, it comes as Memory 3 GB RAM, with 32 GB as Memory storage. They are either screen measuring 5 inches with 1920 * 1080.alcamara background accuracy accuracy of 20.7 MP, either front-facing camera 5 MP They are excellent for photos Alselva.Xiaomi Mi4Xiaomi company of the leading technology companies, was able in a short party to build a good reputation in the world market, most of its products come strong and stylish design specifications, with a low price. Among the phones that have a good reputation Xiaomi Mi4. It features a screen measuring 5.5 inches and 1080 strong Peixl.amaalj Snapdragon 801 quad-core frequency of 2.5 GHz. With 3 GB of RAM. In addition to the 3080 mAh battery lasts for 36 hours.