Reports:Apple develops iphone device penetration impossible !

Recent press reports revealed that Apple's engineers are currently working on the development of a smart phone iPhone sticks on penetration, and this new emerging in the midst of the war waged by the company with the US authorities and comes exactly with the judiciary and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation "FBI."And was cross-CEO, "Tim Cook," Apple has indicated that the FBI American "FBI" had asked her to cooperate in order to decrypt the phone port and access to private data stored in it and see if the port is working with others, or any partners other data supplied, but the company indicated that the demands of the FBI has exceeded that of the need to demand that the company is developing a special version of the iOS system that contains software to break through the iPhone "backdoor" is what Apple rejected categorically by Tim Cook.The newspaper "New York Times" said in a press report, citing its own sources that Apple engineers have begun work to develop the new standards make it a matter of penetrating iPhone mobile systems impossible even on the company itself, and is something which will not admire certainly the US authorities, especially F NBA and will open a new page in the confrontation between the two parties.