Exclusive Before buying any phone used, how do you know if it was stolen or not?

All of us have tried once in his life, buy a phone user, either to re-sell it or use it, but sometimes you may discover that the phone was stolen, not to the person who sold it to you, and here you may fall into the problems have already seen some cases of people who have been their defamation because of the phone was stolen, Smart Cel- today can be traced and even access photos and files stored in them after all. Therefore, so as not to find yourself once famous on the internet because of the phone was stolen, I suggest you visit the site "imeidata" Apple buy the phone.

Each phone comes number called "IMEI" and this word shortcut international identity for mobile devices, a number that identifies each phone for the last in the sense that this number can not be repeated in more than one device can be made cellular calls on the way, and the real interest of this figure Baidaan that differentiates between devices , is the possibility of locking the device in the event of loss and thus can not be used after anyone lock

You can also show this number in any phone typing "* # 06 #" in the communication interface to show the "IMEI" consisting of 15 digits. So how can you benefit from this number to find out that the phone was stolen or not? Here comes the role of this site, which you can see the status of any phone whether it was stolen or not, the site is available on a huge database by simply placing a phone number which will provide you with his state if the status of a sound or not.

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