Reports: Yahoo looking for a purchaser and those main candidate acquisition of the business enterprise

plainly the american monetary matters of the corporation, "Yahoo's" no longer going properly, as pressreviews cautioned over the past few days for the enterprise to open the door for the ones interested byobtaining it, and many of the candidates for this maximum critical and biggest digital global groups.

And it's far considered "Yahoo" known-electronic mail Beridha one of the most essential digitalinternational agencieshowever the severe opposition that has intensified inside the current period,specially with the aid of Google and Microsoft with their services for Gmail and Hote mail" made the organization considering selling sports of any organizationinquisitive about the acquisition.

And turned into the newspaper "Wall street journal" has indicated earlier that Yahoo officers havediagnosed the date of April 11 because the deadline for receiving packages for agencies interested bythe acquisition of the business enterprise's sportsbut different resources indicated that the closing date has been prolonged until next week and exactly 18 thereof .

And it suggests the yank site "Re / Code" that a number of expert organizations remain a candidate toaccumulate Yahoo and which include the agency's competition, "Google" further to the "daily Mail" and "Verizon Communications / Verizon Communications".