New: Disclosure of secret Google project

It seems that every one the efforts of one of the most outstanding faces of Google and one of the mainfounders "Larry pageso that it will cover the identity of the new assignmentthat's revolutionary and secrecy as properly have failed, as quoted via the media first facts in this task and new innovation similarly toa replica of the patent its personal invention.

Bloomberg Businessweek talked about in a document on Thursday and flow extensively among relevantweb sites hours earlier than "Larry web page" CEO Olfabt parent corporation Google's running for some time at the challenge "flying automobile", and is a secret which has struggled for years to hide it from the eyes of the click and the intruders.

one of the patents registered within the name Zee.Aero corporation
enterprise talked about that the improvement of this assignment are running on agency mounted in 2010 and bears the name "Zee.Aero" and is based near Google's headquarters inside the "Silicon Valley"place where employs almost a hundred and fifty personnel, and despite the fact that the business enterprise is not affiliated officially to Google where It remained far from the spotlighthowever theagency Bloomberg Businessweek assets indicated that Larry page spent greater than $ one hundredmillion of his own money in this assignment.

And usually according to the enterprise, the Zee.Aero is working on models of the vehicles the aircraftare working with electric powered electricity, as Bloomberg pointed out that Google and discovered any other business enterprise operating within the equal field, and bearing the name "Kitty Hawk" howeverthey perform independently and with out Zee.Aero any apparent hyperlink with Google.