Program to prevent spyware on your computer camera, the discovery programs that are trying to run it without your permission!

Who Stalks software My Cam. Is one of the vital packages that need to be downloaded and set up for yourcomputer, in case you are to be had at the digital camera, each in computing device laptop or computer, then this program mission is to discover and control all of the packages that are seeking to run a digicamcomputer with the possibility of stopping some of them.

The beauty of the program that alerts you through a pop-up window when trying to access any applicationand turn on the cameraso that you can near the digital camera with a unmarried click onin additionthis system comes the advantage of "white listing", where you can all dependable packages and allowed the inclusion of her the usage of the digital camera for 
your computer.

you can additionally make this system famous any use of the digicam personal computer in real time,enabling you to rectify the matter and find out doubtful applications and hence deleted from yourcomputer .


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