Exclusive Nokia smart Android phones coming later this year

Exclusive Nokia smart Android phones coming later this year

Nokia official confirmed that the company will return during the fourth quarter of this year to the smartphone market and tablet PCs, after an absence of nearly two years after the acquisition, which took place between them and Microsoft.

Said Mike Wang, chairman of the joint management team for Nokia in China that the company plans to launch three or four portable devices carry its brand and operate the Android operating system, these devices will include smart phones and computers Tablets.

The news comes in conjunction with the announcement, "HP AMD Global" Global HMD company announced the appointment of  Pekka Rantala the former CEO of the company, "Rovio" developer Rovio game "Angry Birds" Angry Birds to the position of chief marketing officer executive.

The Nokia Company has signed in the month of May / May last-exclusive license agreement for 10 years with her compatriot, "HP AMD Global", the last to be granted the rights of the production of smart phones and computers Tablets branded.
She explained Nokia, which was until recently the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world, and at that time they will receive under the Convention returns ownership of the "HP AMD Global" for its sales of smart devices that carry its brand.

Nokia had been out of the mobile phone market after the emergence and dominance of smartphones from companies such as Samsung and Apple, forcing it to sell this sector of Microsoft Corporation in the year 2014.

As the "HP AMD Global", which includes former employees of Nokia and Microsoft, the company plans to announce the new organs end of this year, it is expected that these devices do not reach the market until early next year, depending on the test and hardware development.