Facebook announces a partnership with the Unity gaming platform for the development of private Web platform games.

Facebook announces a partnership with the Unity gaming platform for the development of private Web platform games.

Facebook Inc. Thursday announced a new partnership with the famous engine "Unity" games Unity, so as to allow for game developers to bring their games to social networking easily.

The company said in a publication on private developers her blog that she is working with Unity, which is one of the largest game development in the world platforms, to expand its range of tools and services to develop games for the granting of the platform developers new ways to reach and interact with millions of players on Facebook.

 Facebook unveiled a new games platform entirely geared to desktop games, reported that, as an extension of the existing partnership between the two, Unity intends to support the gaming platform which is currently under development.
According to Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world with more than 1.7 billion monthly active users, the new partnership will allow the game developers who use Unity platform to provide toys to more than 650 million player on the social network.
The company pointed out that its players enabled society in the past year to pay more than $ 2.5 billion to developers web games, in an apparent lure them to developers.

Starting today, Facebook will begin the selection of a limited set of game developers to get instant access to a closed trial version of Export games to Facebook tool in the 5.4 version of the Unity Platform.

Facebook said that interested developers can apply until the date of August 31 / August for instant access, and proceed to test the beta version of the tool.

It is believed that this step from Facebook will enable it to develop a great platform for games desktop compete with the other popular platforms, such as "Steam" Steam and GOG.


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