How to backup images in device folders to Google Photos

How to backup images in device folders to Google Photos


Google Photos is a great way to back up and organize all your images, though you still need to do a little bit of legwork if you want to capture everything. 

That’s because Android organizes images that are saved from different apps into folders. So if you want to save screenshots, Instagram pictures, or photos from other social networks, you need to go through a few steps.

First, launch Google Photos and open the navigation drawer on the left. 

Then, touch Device folders. You’ll see photos from all the different sources available on your phone. Those with the blue icon and “up” arrow are backed up. Those with the line through the cloud aren’t.

To direct Google Photos to automatically backup images from your Snapchat, Instagram, or another folder just touch on the cloud icon and you’ll see it turn blue. 

The backup should start right away, unless you’ve set Google Photos to only do this on Wi-Fi. Along with backing up your existing images from that folder, new ones will automatically be saved into Google Photos.

To turn off backup, just repeat the process and touch the cloud icon. The already backed-up images will remain, but new ones won’t be saved to Google Photos.

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