Malicious software threatens Android devices

Malicious software threatens Android devices

New malware threaten the security of the recent Android devices and users that work on access to the root of the "root" your Android device and erase files stored in your phone.

Dubbed this malicious software name "Mazar BOT" a malicious software to devices Android are downloaded invisibly with loaded applications from the Internet researchers have reported in the area of ​​information security that these programs that infect devices are more dangerous and then gives the advanced powers to hackers these phones.

Let's look at ways of functioning of this malicious programs "Mazar BOT":

The application of trying user deceive and installs himself in secret when a person tries to load Android devices unreliable including applications, this malware is spread largely through mailings where you come to a link and through you press the program is loaded on your machine, and once you press on the link is loaded APK file on your Android, and when running the application are asked to Icomo run another application and here are installed "Mazar BOT" on the victim's machine.

Harmful things carried out by this pernicious "Mazar BOT" program:

    Full Control Android device.

    Send and read text messages.

    Contact cross-device breached.

    Injection Chrome browser user's Android phone and pull the information.

    Change the phone settings.

    Put the phone in sleep mode.

    Change the network used the phone case.

    Access to the internet and browse.

    Scan and delete all the files stored in your Android device.

Among other things, also carried out by the malicious program "Mazar BOT" is the ability to download TOR breached the Android device to surf the web for the security is without you knowing it and without any intervention from you.

It believes that the developers of this malware are hackers group Russia, where they proceeded to shut down the malicious program in the State of Russia and any device that has a Russian language is not installed inside and baptizing only to install himself second telephones, and something to attention is that the program has spread to many European countries but time limits have not announced any security from targeting any phone running on Android system in Russia, as it is this harmful program selling in the Internet hidden "Dark Web" in Russia and is traded between hacker groups.

How to protect yourself from "Mazar BOT"?
Then keeps track of these steps to protect yourself from these malicious programs targeting Android devices:
Never click on links sent to your phone via text messages or messages on your e-mail communication or meeting applications to make sure of the safety of a well.Tetbit disable other applications outside the service shop Play Store in order to ensure the safety of your device.Then Ptetbit protection software on your Android, and also updated continuously.Avoid Fi and Aloavalle points scattered in the streets and cafes and so on, and do not to use them, and shut down the use of Aloavalle device until completion of service.