Top 5 android application to root any devices

There are cases where you need to get your root on the powers of the smart phone or tablet Android system, which he needs you to follow some explanations of complex and lessons, but today you can do it in a simple manner and with a single click. And thanks in some applications designed for this purpose, and in order to facilitate the choice you have is, we have selected the best five free applications to work Root any Android phone with just one click.


Free application on Android that allows you to work almost Root for any smart phone and tablet operating system Android version 4.3 or higher with just one click. You can simply download the application from your smartphone or tablet and carry out the steps required by you for your root powers.


 Unlike the applications mentioned above, IROOT is a free program for the Windows operating system which allows you to create Root for any smart phone or tablet device from the computer. The application supports more than 8000 model of the smart phone, which is also able to do the job with just one click.

Kingo root 

It is another free program for Windows does the same task. You can simply plug your smartphone or tablet to the computer using a USB cable and use the software program to work Root for your device.


Is a free program for Windows to manage smartphones tablets Android operating system, the program offers you as well as the work of Root smartphones tablets option with one mouse click. Once you connect your phone to the computer go to Tools and choose "Toolkit" and of which you click on the "one Click Root" option. 

Frama root 

It is another free application that allows you to work recounted with a single click directly on your smartphone or tablet. The application supports a wide range of devices and is also able to do the job and get your root on the powers of the Android smart phone system with just one click.