Windows 10 officially on Mac laptop !

Windows 10 officially on Mac laptop !

Issued the "Apple" this morning an update to its application "Boot Camp" will enable the Mac operating system "OS X Yosemite" of running the latest version of the Windows operating system users (Windows ™ 10) which was launched by "Microsoft" only a few weeks ago

For this update to users of computers Mac with version will be 32-bit operating system upgrade to version 64-bit, the company also confirmed that it will offer support for all versions of Windows starting from Windows ™ 7 to what later versions in addition to the USB-C, USB technology support 3 and other systems available on Microsoft technologies.

Class of Mac users have expressed disapproval for this update and described Apple's recent policy to keep away from the goals set by its founder ..

In your opinion, if it's late, "Steve Jobs" is alive Is he would accept such a step?