How to add or remove an app from the Google Play Family Library

You can choose which apps and games to include in your family grouping on a case-by-case basis.


Google Play’s new Family Library makes it pretty easy to share all the apps, games, and other content you’ve bought with other family members. 
But sometimes there might be an app that you would rather not be available to everyone in the group. Or, you may find some apps aren’t opted in automatically. Here's how to remedy those situations.
In the Play Store, you’ll notice that apps that are eligible for family purchase have a toggle on their description page. If there’s an app in your family library that you don’t want there, then just flip the switch. 

You’ll also find some apps where the toggle isn’t there. By default, all paid apps purchased after July 2 are automatically included in the program. It’s up to developers to enable the feature for apps purchased prior to that date; while it's not mandatory, Google does encourage devs to do this for a better customer experience.
I’ve also found that some apps I’ve bought are eligible for the family plan, but by default the toggle for including them with the group isn’t on. It’s a nuisance that you may have to put up with in a few instances: If there’s an app you expected to be in your library (available from Play Store > My apps & games > Family library) and it isn’t there, then search for it individually and add it into your batch by flipping the toggle.