The best cases for the Galaxy S7

Yes, you want a case on it

The Galaxy S7 is a beauty. But all that glass and metal isn't designed for the rigors of real life. Juggling groceries, kids, wallets, and just the occasional bout of slippery fingers are enough to send your phone flying at any moment.
You need a case, but deciding whether to enclose your phone inside of a mini tank or a svelte glove is a very personal choice. Wallet cases are also becoming popular, giving you one less thing to carry around.
We've hauled in an extensive selection of some of the best cases out there and checked them out in order to offer some recommendations. No matter your preference, there's a Galaxy S7 case out there for you.

Samsung LED wallet cover

I used this roundup as an opportunity to try out this whole “wallet case” thing. It’s extremely popular in Europe, as just about every other case I saw during a recent trip was a wallet case. I’m seeing it catch on more here, and the Samsung option is a very good one. 
You should probably stick to two cards in the flip-out cover (three will work, but it’s a squeeze). But if that’s all you need for where you’re headed, it’ll definitely free you from the need to also take a wallet. The LED lights are nice to have, as they display the time, notify you of a missed call or text, and show the battery charge percentage. However, you have to live with the extra bulge from the case and constantly flipping it open and closed every time you want to use your phone.

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