Zerodium Offers $1.5 Million Bounty For iOS Zero-Day Exploits

Well, there's some good news for Hackers and Bug hunters, though a terrible news for Apple!

Exploit vendor Zerodium has tripled its bug bounty for an Apple's iOS 10 zero-day exploit, offering a maximum payout of $US1.5 Million.

Yes, $1,500,000.00 Reward.

That's more than seven times what Apple is offering (up to $200,000) for iOS zero-days via its private, invite-only bug bounty program.

Zerodium, a startup by the infamous French-based company Vupen that buys and sells zero-day exploits to government agencies around the world, previously offered US$500,000 for remote iOS 9 jailbreaks, which was temporarily increased to $1 Million for a competition help by the company last year.

The company paid out $1 million contest reward for the first three iOS 9 zero-days in November to an unnamed hacker group, then lowered the price again to $500,000.

With the recent release of iOS 10, Zerodium has agreed to pay $1.5 Million to anyone who can pull off a remote jailbreak of the Apple's latest mobile operating system, allowing a full third-party control over the device.

The company has also doubled its bug bounty for Android 7.x (Nougat) remote jailbreaks to $200,000 as well as boosted rewards for exploits in other software, including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Windows Reader, Microsoft Word and Excel, Safari, and OpenSSL or PHP.